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Regalos Navidad Directivos y Empresas Lujo

Top Management and Enterprises


In 1997 GC Corporate was set up to optimise and consolidate the business relations of directors and companies by means of top quality products created by the world’s most exclusive luxury designers.


Through planning of strategic actions based upon gestures and a strong brand-image component (the watches, jewellery, ties, scarves, handbags and accessories of the firms in our portfolio), GC Corporate helps the different departments and directors of each organisation to achieve their objectives and perspectives in their professional relations by means of organic growth; we also prioritise different strategies and address the most critical shortcomings in an enterprise’s different areas, promoting the corporative reputation.


Our teams help to improve the performance and image, in an effective and rapid manner, of institutions such as Dow Jones, NASDAQ, DAX, Ibex 35 and Nikkei 225 among others.


Our aim is to help to protect your image and to advance your professional relations towards excellence, by means of four unequivocal objectives:


  • To be the first.
  • To amplify the value of the director, the brand and the organisation.
  • Building upon tendencies.
  • Identification of your brand in your clients’ minds.


The support GC Corporate offers promotes the global communication strategy of your company in its most important areas.


  • Boards of Directors
  • C.E.O.s
  • Presidencies
  • General Directorates
  • Communication
  • Public, Institutional and Corporative Relations
  • Marketing


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