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Private Sales and Made to Order


In the year 2007 GC Corporate launched the business line ‘Private Sales and Special Orders’ as a Premium service for VIP clients and top managers in Madrid (Spain).


The time factor is highly valuable for the manager of the XXI century, and our service therefore helps the director to add value to his personal and corporative relations in as short a time as possible. This GC Corporate area responds to the needs of directors who feel passion for their work and who are under a heavy workload and suffer from high stress levels. The big dilemma of the XXI century is whether to “live to work or work to live”; this makes it hard for directors of large companies to find a balance between their work and family lives: Gc Coporate  facilitates this.


Given the special and customised nature of the ‘Private Sales’ area, this service is developed by previous appointment and only in Madrid (Spain), with a reaction time ranging from 24 h to 48 h.

It is intended for managers passing through Madrid [attending international conventions or on commercial diplomatic missions from other countries in Spain] or for directors who, due to time issues, simply cannot find the time in their daily lives to travel to see and acquire an important gesture, and who therefore prefer us to go to their office, hotel, home or Airport to show them our different collections of gestures.


At the same time, we provide our ‘special orders’ service of unique pieces, where imagination and creativity make a dream come true.  We can provide shape to your own work of art in the form of watches, jewellery or accessories by means of a design specialist, with subsequent meticulous design by the best and most prestigious craftsmen in the world of luxury, making your creation unique and exceptional.


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