Global Agreements


Regalos de Empresa Lujo, Acuerdos Globales

Global Agreements


In accordance with global  change tendencies in the business world, in 2003 GC Corporate set up the Cross-Border Global Agreements unit to accompany our clients in all their international activities.


In accordance with the criterion that successful enterprises mutate and react to globalisation, GC Corporate develops projects at an international level, and in a solid and continuous manner, with companies in sectors such as Telecommunications, Oil, Engineering, Banking, Energy, the Pharmaceutical and Automotive industries, among others in countries of the Persian Gulf.


Currently, the Global Agreements Area is becoming increasingly important at GC Corporate, and is operating in mature and emerging markets, where cultural diversity is to be found in all our projects. Nowadays, many companies are investing heavily in brand image and corporate relations, consolidating their corporative tissue without damaging their operational effectiveness and, what is more important, whilst remaining in the minds of clients and suppliers. Corporative relations are fundamental to the correct functioning of your enterprise, particularly with regard to the future. Interaction and connection with people from other companies make business more agile and profitable.


Our teams will help you to design a strategy for interacting with other companies, adapting our services to the cultures and countries where you are operating. We work in 5 main areas: North and South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia.


We cannot imagine a cross-border business that does not involve teamwork with the client, sharing knowhow in order to find the best solutions and to promote growth.  In the international area, GC Corporate enables our clients to benefit from:


  • More satisfied clients
  • Operational advantages in distribution costs
  • Global operation models
  • Big cost reductions
  • Global logistics
  • Customs transactions
  • Specialised consultancy
  • Best results in your client relations


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