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Registered corporate and personal data is distributed in several domains at global, national or local scale and each of them is provided by Grupo Castilseras or one of its affiliated companies or subsidiaries.  All of these websites and extensions are designated by the word “Language”, and can be seen on our website:


This privacy warning is applicable to the specific webpage and its extensions, and is authorised and managed by Grupo Castilseras.


Privacy Policies can be completed or modified as a result of policies specific to determined areas of our websites.


Grupo Castilseras is a private enterprise operating at global, local and regional level. We are the providers of the contents of our websites and we protect the information of visitors to our site.


On making use of our websites, regardless of your country or region, you accept the use of your information by GC Corporate/Grupo Castilseras.


It must be kept in mind that the domain extensions, subdirectory and subdomains (hereinafter domain extensions) of another country, as well as, are provided by other external companies and providers and not by us. Websites that might be linked without express authorisation to our website are not governed by our Privacy Policies.


Users or visitors are not obliged to provide personal information in order to use our website. The site only collects information directly provided by users or visitors to our sites or domain extensions. Some elements of information which our websites might request are: name, surnames, company, post, country, telephone and e-mail address.


Our website can also maintain, label and store information provided by/in other applications, including social media and networks.


This website collects data in a standard manner regarding questions such as user registry, the IP address where you visit us from, type of browser, timetable and duration of your access and language selected, among other data.


In order to ensure that our website is well administered and to facilitate correct browsing, we use cookies or web beacons to collect aggregated data.


GC Corporate/Grupo Castilseras can use your personal information for promotions or to send you information on our services that we consider might be of interest to our visitors and users. Furthermore, to enhance the quality of our services and for quality control, we can contact you to obtain your opinion on the service provided by GC Corporate/Grupo Castilseras for subsequent market analysis and study.


The personal information collected by GC Corporate/Grupo Castilseras can also be used to protect our rights, name or intellectual property and that of all our users, as established in the the regulations and laws of each country.


All information can be sent or transmitted in a safe manner to the components of our organisation at international level for the purposes described in the previous paragraphs. If the visitor provides this information to GC Corporate/Grupo Castilseras or any of their domain extensions, you consent to this transfer.


Your personal information can only be revealed when ordered by a legal authority and according to the laws of each territory, or by request of a third party who might require it in order to comply with a legal obligation or request.


On providing information through this website, the visitor accepts the above mentioned stipulation.


GC Corporate/Grupo Castilseras will provide an answer to your registration in our website. Users can unsubscribe from our publicity mails at any time by contacting us at our e-mail address, according to what is established by the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection (L.O 15/1999), in writing with a copy of their ID card or passport.


Data and opinions of third parties


Our websites can contain applications or services than enable contents of users to be shared with other users, at which time they will be considered to belong to the public domain, which exonerates GC Corporate/Grupo Castilseras from any liability resulting from the opinions of users and from the misuse by them of any information. GC Corporate/Grupo Castilseras has no control over the opinions of users.

In the event of any difficulty to access, users should contact the webmaster at in order to communicate their problem. All requests for access to our website will be answered.




We avail of acceptable technological and security standards for the protection of all information and we deal with providers who provide the highest levels of quality services to provide our visitors with the tightest possible security in the event of misuse, alteration or loss of their information.


Our company can modify our Privacy Policy without previous notification for any reason whatsoever, updating the website on the date of modification. GC Corporate/Grupo Castilseras protects your information in a responsible manner and is obliged to secrecy.


This site and its contents are not designed or intentionally intended for underage persons. It is not our policy to collect, store or maintain information on underage subjects.