Vertu Phones


Vertu Phones


We invite you into the magic world of communications in the shape of Vertu telephones, where privacy and effectiveness are two key factors of an excellent and lasting association with you. And not just phones; the service GC Corporate provides you through Vertu stands out because it involves specific communications consultancy which is adapted to the future and developed for your enterprise’s directors, with services that are unique throughout the world.


The Vertu concept is based upon quality and on unique phones handmade in the UK with a crystal sapphire screen, a 24-hour-a-day Concierge service 365 days a year, and the best coding systems and anti-hacker encryptions for your more private conversations, as well as a panic button in case the user finds himself in trouble.


Vertu makes all their phones by hand; they are valued for their high manufacturing quality. The technological innovation of these mobile phones and complementary services provided by the brand on a highly saturated market all make Vertu stand out. The concept of experience in communications is unique to Vertu, which means that the brand stands out from its competitors.


Keeping up to date in business, in continuous contact with all your colleagues, with the most advanced security system and unique performance; you will achieve all this and more with the Vertu models appearing in the GC Corporate catalogue.