The Maison G.H.MUMM was already producing champagne prior to their official opening in the year 1827. The origins of the Mumm family date back to the XII century. In 1761 the family possessed a business dedicated to producing and marketing wines, with the headquarters in Cologne (Germany), under the name ‘P.A.Mumm’. At the start of the XIX century, Peter Arnold Mumm’s three children, Gottlieb, Jacobus and Philipp recognised the commercial potential of the exceptional sparkling wines produced in the French region of Champagne and they took the audacious decision to set up a branch of the family business in France.


Quality was the key for the partners of the new firm set up in 1827 and it still is for all its successors. This principle is embodied in the slogan by Georges Hermann Mumm: «Only the best».