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Dozens of celebrities are loyal to the Fendi brand. Madonna, Sharon Stone, Jennifer López or Sarah Jessica Parker art just a few of the women who trust in the true value and savoir faire of the creations of this firm, which was set up in the nineteen sixties.


Two of the five daughters of the founders of Fendi, Adele and Edorado, turned their parents’ old leather workshop into a global enterprise. From their initial business, handcrafted bags, they went on to become one of the best known luxury brands, identifiable by its double F logo, an international classic.


Karl Lagerfeld is also partly responsible for this success; he is one of the great fashion designers, and he has worked with Fendi as creative director on the leather and  prêt-à-porter collections since 1965.


Fendi was responsible for creating the first handbag in history with over 600 versions.