The creativity, technology and excellence of Chopard’s master watchmakers and craftsmen have made the Brand one of the world’s unarguable leaders in luxury goods and in the watchmaking and jewellery industry.


They started up in 1860, their watches rapidly gaining a sound reputation among people with a love for watchmaking; they came to supply timepieces in Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. In 1937 Paul Louis Chopard, the son of the founder, moved the company to Geneva, the capital of Haute Horlogerie (fine watchmaking), thus bringing the firm closer to a much broader cultural universe. In 1963 Karl Scheufele, a descendent of a dynasty of German watchmakers and jewellers, took over the enterprise, promoting Chopard further afield.


As an independent company, Chopard is strongly rooted in family tradition. The Scheufeles, a married couple, have managed the company’s international orientation for over 40 years, and they still work in this luxury brand company. Their two children currently share the chairmanship:  Caroline Scheufele is in charge of women’s collections and Fine Jewellery and her brother, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, heads the men’s collections, as well as the Chopard Manufacturer in Fleurier, the production headquarters of the L.U.C. timepieces.


The Chopard brand is fully committed to the cinema. They redesigned the Palme d’Or, awarded by the prestigious  Cannes Film Festival, and they sponsor this important event. In the last few years, numerous actresses and actors have flaunted this brand during the Oscar awards.  Jennifer Lawrence or Charlize Theron, among others, have worn Chopard as a kind of talisman when going on stage to receive their golden statues.