Work at Gc Corporate

Gc Corporate provides different consultancy services and top-of-the-range products, both for private and public enterprises. We work in a broad spectrum of sectors and countries within the local and global perspectives. Gc Corporate offers all its clients the knowhow acquired over time in the different scenarios in which we have been working for more than 15 years.


Choosing the pathway to start or continue your professional career involves an important decision.  At Gc Corporate we want to help you to develop professionally, in a plural and multicultural context. Our values and commitments promote an encouraging environment, as well as day-to-day learning in your professional trajectory.


Our recruiting team objectively studies every case in search of the best opportunities and vacancies, based on our business lines.

We wish to work and collaborate with people who have different skills and a high level of integrity. Undoubtedly, learning, listening and working will constitute some of their qualities.


We do not want just brilliant academic curriculums. We wish to build dynamic, multicultural and energetic teams in which our people show consistency, leadership and willingness, even in their private lives.


We take personal and professional responsibility very seriously. This sense of responsibility strongly commits us to society, to our clients and suppliers and to our organisation.


We are seeking people to build the future, who are capable of seeing and respecting different criteria and ways of thinking, and who can help us to construct, consolidate and improve relations with our clients and suppliers.


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