Corporate Social Responsibility

Gc Corporate willingly takes up the role of corporate social responsibility in relation to society, our groups of interest, the environment and all the people from different cultures making up our enterprise. We work in a responsible manner to improve as an organisation, contribute to society, create competitive advantages and to add value to everything we do.


Code of Conduct


This code establishes the behavioural criteria that we expect from our professionals, whatever their responsibilities or posts in our organisation.

This code defines the relationship, the principles and the values of our corporative culture that govern those making up our enterprise in relation to our groups of interest (employees, clients, suppliers, partners and companies of the group or participant companies)


This approach and structure will facilitate the application of our corporative culture, which at all times complies with the regulations and legislation in force in each country.


We inform all our employees, directors and partners of this code, and they commit to its compliance in writing.


Our Code of Conduct integrates robust aspects such as: :


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